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The Order, Godless, Art

November 2008



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Nov. 26th, 2008

Why do I keep coming back?

For some reason I am unable to stop watching Heroes. It hasnt been great since before the season 1 finale, but for some reason I keep watching it. One moment it starts getting good and then it haults with some bullshit "origins" tale that is interesting to maybe a fan of DC comics. Instead of saying I'm done with this shitty show I will firmly state that I will watch this train wreck until it gets canceled.
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Oct. 23rd, 2008

The Order, Godless, Art

Every seat in the house


After watching the Atheist episode of South Park again I just don’t get people like Tre Parker and Bill Maher. They present easy enough examples of how horrible religion is and how it destroys our ways of thinking yet they book end it by saying they aren’t atheists and that they are more open minded to completely shut out all the nonsense. They ridicule the magic and fantasy of the religions yet accept them just to appear like broad thinkers? They sell out the idea of not buying into insane stories and doctrines brought to us by the racist and sexist men of the past. At least their religious friends will think there is a small chance they will believe in magic fully again one day.


Oct. 3rd, 2008

The Order, Godless, Art

Agree to Agree

I'm impressed that amongst all the scripted responses both VP's could agree that they don't like gay people. Cheers to you America with your progressive thinking.

Oct. 2nd, 2008


God of War: Down Syndrome version

My friend form California Matt is an avid Xbox 360 fan like myself and asked if I wanted to borrow a game called Viking. He said it’s a pretty good game with lots of action and missions that will hold you over during this video game drought and had an impossible final “Boss” fight. I agreed to play the game and 5 days later it arrived in the mail. At first glance of the game it was decent enough with good next gen graphics and a story that seemed like I could enjoy, being a fan of various mythologies (minus Christianity). Slaying demons were fun as well showing mini pre rendered cut scenes of the blood and brutality flow. Unfortunately after you kill more than 10 demons you have seen this image that many times bringing you to a point of nausea brought on by repetition. The fun missions become repetitious nuisances that are strewn in between, you walking for ten minutes to get to your destination for more repetition. The action is slow and muddy, like a God of War game that was given Down syndrome and then thrown into a well with freshly baked shit. The story becomes obvious after the next cut scene brought to you by weak voice over work from a janitor who works for the studios pretending to be Ian Mckellen. The game then spits in your face by producing 5 different character skins for the good guys and 5 for the bad guys. Why does every old guy, Viking, Chieftain, and woman look the fucking same in a game that isn’t a low bit game for the Atari 7800. Finally after hours of lying to myself that the game had some redeeming qualities I get to the final boss which is just the same giant you are forced to button mash through 20 times already with a woman’s’ torso fused to where its head should be. It’s beaten exactly like them too showing no extra challenge. When I was younger having the game shit on my floor and tell me I did a good job and should try again on a harder level was acceptable. This game ended by showing me story boards of the events that came soon after in the predictable plot and announced that RAGNAROK occurred while showing me a meadow and then shat on my floor. How can you announce a final war of Norse gods and then show me a story board. How can games like this be released to the public anymore. All in all the game play was horrible, the story is shitty, repetitive fetch missions, poor voice acting, and a skill level that’s set up for dick children whose parents will by games for blood content. I hope that this studio suffers the same fate of many other video game studios and shuts down its office soon. This game is the equivalent of watching a George Romero movie post Night of the Living Dead while Carlos Mencia tells you that he says things that we all think.

Sep. 10th, 2008

Liberty Jaswall: The Agent of Darwin

Well now the trial is over and the punishment has been dealt out for the young waste of life Erik Aguirre.
Here is the info as stated by Jake on the Liberty memorial website: A guilty plea was entered by Aguirre for the following charges: second degree vehicular manslaughter (6 years) and fleeing the scene of a felony (5 years), for a total of 11 years, the maximum time for these charges.  Aguirre will serve his time at a major state prison, which will be determined next month.  Aguirre will also now have a “strike” on his record.  
I just don’t get how the punishment for ending a life that had so much potential for so much greatness could be priced at 11 years maximum. Sure Erik’s life is ruined, but that is all due to his own actions. Where are the anti-heroes that I read so much about ready to avenge Liberty? Where is the Punisher to riddle him with bullets for the murder of an innocent? Where is Wolverine who would unsheathe his claws and sever his major arteries as a favor to Liberty’s grieving parents? Where is the Ghost Rider who would give his Penance stare to rob Aguirre of his sanity and make him suffer in a demented state for all eternity? I escape into these fictional realities reading of heroes resurrections which are common place for those deserving, from Jean Grey (multiple times), Colossus, even Bucky. Yet in this shitty world a friend will die and never return. Why can’t the Agent of Darwin be found somewhere with a shitty explanation as to how he lives again. Dirt’s death caused much pain, yet when I write this and ask why I can still hear him in my head. He would say “Ah ha Hesh, those are only comic books”. Dirt was a man of logic and believed in reason yet loved fictional creations like Comic Books, the Twilight Zone, Anime, and all other sorts of fiction. So while I don’t believe in resurrections or other religious/fictional myths I still can wish there was a way to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet or the Cosmic Cube and resurrect my father, my grandfather, Lib, and even George Carlin. The sad part is I never will find it and fix things to make me and others feel better. Because ah haa Hesh, they are only comic books.
I know a lot that I wrote doesn’t make sense and I know it’s sloppy and what have you, but I just wanted to vent about the shittiness of 11 years being the cost of Dirt’s life. Regardless I hope his family can now feel a little better not having to deal with the trial.

Aug. 18th, 2008

The Dark Knight Forever Returns & Robin

I finally saw the Dark Knight returns this weekend and it made me love a villain that DC made me apathetic towards. As some of you may know I now carry great hatred towards the mainstream DC characters since Geoff Johns and Dan Didido took the reigns. The one thing I have always liked in DC was Batman and the Joker yet this asshole company with its overrated Grant Morrison and Frank Miller decided to turn him into an asshole that gives out his identity to anyone with a vagina and or leotard. When the movie first came out I didn’t care, since to me Paul Dini’s cartoon and Alan Moore’s amazing killing Joke were the only Batman cannon that I still held sacred. Friday I sat down in the IMAX theatre and was in thrall within the first minute. Almost everything worked perfectly with the exception of his over the top low death metal growls. Batman seemed more human then ever and the origin of Harvey Dent far surpassed the cheesy comic book beginnings. For the first time in awhile I loved these characters again, especially the Joker. This wasn’t just a good superhero movie (which the bar is very low on) It was a great movie in general. When Heath said those lines about the Batman and him battling forever I grew sad knowing he will never get to reprise one of the best villains in comics and the screen. Overall I am thrilled with Nolan’s take on Batman and his rogue’s gallery so far. I just hope they don’t get a different actor to replace Mr. Ledger.

May. 12th, 2008

The Order, Godless, Art

Smug as it ever was

This weekend I felt smug in a South Park way when I got out of my Prius wearing Vegan shoes carrying cloth grocery bags to shop at Whole Foods for organic/Vegan products. To even things out I clubbed a baby seal.

May. 7th, 2008


 At first I was interested in a crossover between the old timey Superheroes displaced in time with the New Avengers. Alex Ross drawing the covers was also a big plus for me. The instant I open the book up I find less than mediocre artwork and a boring story that I find no interest in.  So once again I have wasted some money on a big hyped mini series with no real pay off. I might as well have bought a DC book.

May. 2nd, 2008

The Order, Godless, Art

A Dingo ate my Impala

My company decided my position doesnt need a company car so TRM's around the world will all be taking the bus soon. Hopefully this weekend I will be the new proud owner of an Impala. 
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Mar. 5th, 2008


Agents of Darwin

Two weekends ago I went to the zoo with xblackmamba21. While we were there, we started discussing what we should do with my bonus I just received at work. I mentioned a few items I would buy from Amazon. The problem was that they were all the usual things (Books, TPB’s, and Video Games). Then it hit me that I should get the tattoo that I finally wanted. I wanted the word Godless tatted on my back or arm somewhere. Eventually though being at the zoo reminded me of my old friend who was murdered, Liberty X. Jaswal. The animals living in captivity reminded me so much of him yelling “CAPTIVATION IS TORTURE”!!! At the Mirage in Las Vegas. Then seeing an eagle with a wounded wing named Liberty really got me thinking about him and made me pretty start crying (which I tried to keep in and not let anyone else see). Then it hit me that I wanted a tat that would honor this great man that inspired me in a lot of ways to be who I am today. He was a huge lover evolution and reason so I then decided that instead of just stating that I am Godless, I would have a Darwin fish tatted on my left arm with letters in Iron Maiden (He was a huge lover of Maiden too) font saying agent of.  Liberty went by the moniker of Agent of Darwin as a screen name and used it for other social networking groups. It’s a fitting tribute because Darwinian Evolution is one of the many things Liberty introduced me to in life that I still hold a strong regard for. This man was like a brother to me and many others and I will forever remember his greatness with this homage to him. When I look down at it I feel proud that I was able to know someone like this in my life. He has gone and passed and I may not be as eloquent or intelligent as he was but I will try to carry on his legacy of open mindedness and be another Godless Agent of Darwin. 

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